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A marriage ad in a newspaper is a very popular dating format in India, but the idea of writing marriage ads did not emerge here. This ad usually tells you age, education, occupation, income, religion, caste, and contact information of your potential partner.


The first marriage announcements appeared in England and the USA. In the 19th century, such ads gained widespread popularity. This method was considered especially effective if a person moved to a new place and had just a few acquaintances. 

Since then, marriage ads are a well-known option for families to look for potential partners for their sons and daughters. The majority of Indian periodicals publish a marriage section, and some newspapers even have their dating sites. 

We have created a step-by-step guide for you on how to create an attractive marriage ad. You will learn what information you should indicate there, and we will also talk about mistakes that should be avoided to get the most out of it.

Perfect marriage ad format

Regardless of the format that you choose, marriage advertising for newspapers should contain the following data:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Religion/Caste
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Location
  • Expectations

There are 2 formats:

  • textual
  • colorful

The last one is more eye-catching, but also costs more than simple text. By the way, readers who are looking for a spouse, look trough all the ads, regardless of the format of advertising.

Guide for creating a marriage ad


Traditional marriage ads must be very specific. Here is all the information to mention:

Religion/caste, age/height, education, position in a company/industry/private or public sector, location, salary per year. He/she is looking for a caste girl/bride, specific expectations regarding age, height, caste, employment status, marital status and eating habits.


Ayer Atrea, 29/159 cm, BE, Senior Python Engineer, Chennai, 30 lakhs/year. I am looking for a girl Ayer, 23-26 years old, over 150 cm, who works in Chennai. Share biodata and the horoscope [email protected], 9006728198.


Cosmopolitan matrimonial advertisements typically require an only general match, without specifying expectations regarding caste/religion, skin color, or any other details ( for instance, horoscope matching).

A well-educated/broad-minded family is looking for a suitable partner for their son/daughter, age, education/profession, location.


Delhi Rajput, 35 years old, 6 feet, VP of a travel startup looking for an educated bride with a broad-minded, pleasant personality. Caste no bar. Send profile to [email protected]

Second marriage 

Marriage advertisements for second marriage are related to “cosmopolitan” advertisements, as they often mention fewer “requirements” on both sides.

Age/height, religion/caste, education, profession, location, children, looking for a divorced/widowed groom/bride above/below age.


36/150 Hindu, Nadar, divorced, Master of Business Administration, entrepreneur Chennai, 7-year-old son, looking for a divorced/widowed groom 33-37 years old. Whatsapp 9580715227.

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