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“An Indian woman always changes her name after marriage”: this statement was correct less than 50 years ago. But now the modern world brings us a lot of modifications and allows us to make some changes in traditional actions. So, a modern independent Indian girl can make a choice to keep her maiden name after marriage and this is her right. It can be important for her career or internal harmony, etc. Every woman has its own reason for keeping maiden name after marriage, so let’s consider several of them.

Why women don’t want to change their surname after marriage

There can be several reasons why a woman doesn’t want to take the husband’s surname.

  1. Work in a corporate office: after the marriage woman needs to change all her official data. It is crucial especially she takes a serious post and her signature or stamp is important.
  2. Official documents: when a woman is a serious university lecturer, scientists, or a medical officer her documents about education, degree, certificates about courses, and more are vital for the profession. Such kinds of documents, as a rule, are under her maiden name and can’t be changed after marriage.
  3. She doesn’t like her husband’s name or a combination of her name and his last name: it can be a serious reason for a large part of women. 
  4. She likes her name: a girl wants to be famous with her maiden name or maybe, it is already associated with a certain brand, so, she doesn’t want to start from the beginning of her career after her marriage.   

Tips how a woman can keep her maiden name after marriage

If you stay in such kind of situation, want to keep your maiden name and safe harmony in your family we prepared for you several tips on how you can do it. Let’s take a deeper look at them:

  1. Use the title “Mrs” instead of “Miss”. It is the simplest way to inform your audience that you are a married woman and avoid exhaustive problems with documents.
  2. Add the husband’s name after yours. You just make your surname more longer: people know your first part of the name, so it would be simpler for them to remember your new full name. So, your diplomas can stay on the wall of your office and you need nothing to explain to your visitors. 
  3. Take a double surname. It is similar to the previous way, you can still be recognized with your new double-barreled name. You can use your husband’s surname at the first or second place towards yours. For example, Shanaya Patel Malhotra and Shanaya Malhotra Patel sound equally wall for you and your Mr. Anant Patel.

And, the main tip for girls that are proud and like her maiden names is to marry the namesake. Such a kind of matching will be a perfect solution for all these problems with changing the surname. 

So, there is no law in India which prohibits keeping maiden name after marriage, it concerns only a girl and her solution. Remember about it and tell your future husband what things are important for you and why.

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