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India is a country where cultural traditions and values are sacred and respected, for example, a practice, when parents search for a partner for their son or daughter, but dating also becomes popular here. 

Over the past few years, India entered the top three of the biggest marketplaces for social networks and dating sites, more and more young people are using Facebook and Tinder especially by phone. It simplifies communication and dating when men and women choose partners without parents’ help.

Dating conditions

No matter, are you an Indian man or no if you dreaming about dating Indian women you should know several things and be ready for some difficulties:

  1. Parents want to know where their daughter is, what she does, and who her friends are.
  2. Dating apps can scare some Indian women, and not inspire their confidence.
  3. Any time you can expect for intervention from adherents of Indian moral values that keep up appearances.
  4. You can’t approach a woman in India in any place, there are limited public spaces for it.
  5. Conservative communities think that dating is something strange for Indian culture.

So, if you understand these moments and want to date Indian women, we prepared for you several useful tips that will help you to meet with Indian girls.

Top-15 tips how to date with an Indian girl

#1. Forget about pickup lines or find some that real work

If you are not a celebrity, you have small chances that your pickup line will work. Yes, you can approach an unfamiliar girl in a mall when she spends her time with friends or does the shopping, but there is no guarantee that she will appreciate your pickup line.  

#2. Gain the trust

It will be simpler to ask an Indian girl for a date if you already know each other, you are friends, and spent time in a casual social setting. Indian women don’t trust and avoid strangers, they can perceive their actions as harassment.

#3. Sign up for dating sites

It is the way if you are alone in a big city, without friends here. Try to meet with someone via various dating sites, it is secure and becomes more popular among young people. For example, Tinder gets more 7.5 million swipes per day.

#4. Think about common interests

Focus on your interests and search somebody who also shares them. For example, if you like volunteering, join a group that helps people, or saves ecology, you can meet your better half here. Common cause unites, and you will get a simple theme for first communication.

#5. Rejection is normal

You should calmly take rejections and don’t lose your hope. As it happens, men in India are at a disadvantage: statistics say that for 908 women there are 1000 men. Add here limitations of caste, community, or religion: your search for a proper girl can be complicated. So, it is highly competitive in real life and on dating sites, just be ready for rejection and next try.

#6. Be ready to make a deal with the girl’s parents

Indian parents are an essential part of the life of their children. It is a normal practice and frequent occurrence when married couples live with the husband’s parents.

Girls’ parents want to know about everything that their daughter does: Indian women can face harassment in public places, so parents try to protect their daughters.

When you are dating an Indian woman you will necessarily meet with her parents and they will speak with you as a prospective relative. While don’t rush to meet with parents while you can’t say that your relationships have a future.

#7. Avoid moral brigades

Moral brigades are a part of Indian life. It can be one person or representatives of the local political party that wants to enforce their vision of Indian society. Every year journalists at the Valentine’s Day news tell about goons that attack couples, forcibly separate or beat them. So, avoid the most popular places for dating and keep an eye on the situation.

#8. Social prejudice about dating Indian women

In India, it is a popular opinion that a woman who was seen on a date with a man is no longer suitable for marriage. So, a meeting with Indian women is a complicated task, the situation here differs from most Western countries where children dance on the school prom and even dating.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Indian women are afraid of the gossip and that someone will see them on a date even with the future husband.

#9. Be honest with a girl about your intentions

What are your intentions? It is what parents say to the man who wants to date their daughter. At first, be honest with yourself, and figure out what you need: to date without commitments or meet with your future bride, date to better know each other, fall in love and marry her? According to your answer, choose the proper way of meetings: Tinder looks good for flirt, but not the best solution for matrimony. In this case, add your profile to the trusted matrimonial site or browse through your social networks to find someone, who shares your interests. Also, be sure that the girl knows about your intentions, don’t mislead her.

#10. What about public display of affection?

A public display of affection or PDA is not what looks normal in India. Even if you can show your feelings in a public place in a big city, in a small town it can cause trouble.

Also, India has a law about obscene behavior, it says that you should follow community standards. But every region has its standards, so there is no clear definition. In any case, avoid PDA when you meet with Indian women.   

#11. Develop a sense of humor

A sense of humor can help you to cause the women’s favor as well as make friends. Remember your school years, the most popular boy was with a great sense of humor.

Also, scientists say that men with a sense of humor show great intelligence and attract women. It is a reason to think about it!

#12. Increase your conversational skill

Conversational skills will help you to set a communication with women and feel more confident. Bravery and charm can be not enough in such a delicate deal as dating. A lot of men do not know how to set contact and communicate with women, so it can be to your advantage! You can read the issue by Dr. Tom Stevens about what skills you need for successful dating.

#13. Get rid of bad habits

We sure, that your parents told you to avoid bad habits in your childhood, but let’s remind:

  • Don’t bite your nails;
  • Don’t pick your nose or ears;
  • Don’t stare at a woman’s breasts;
  • Use a deodorant but not overdo it.

Sometimes a little bit of common sense is all you need to make a good impression on the girl.

#14. Use a proper place for dating

Make sure that you chose a good and interesting place for dating. Of course, it is great if you can spend a lot of money on popular restaurants, but also you can think about something less usual and find something extraordinary. For example, you can go to the bookstore, flip pages and talk about favorite books or writers, or go to cooking, painting classes, or a fitness club.

In such places, you aren’t one of the hundreds of hiding couples in parks and can not be afraid to meet moral brigades or a scandalous person.

#15. Don’t be desperate

Don’t be obtrusive and don’t show despair in communication with Indian women. Let your relationship take its course. Just think what pressure feels on an Indian woman: a great number of various men try to attract her attention, stares, and accosts. We are not even talking about the fact that it is not safe for a girl to go alone in the evening! So, don’t be surprised, if she doesn’t answer your question on Facebook: for her, it is just another message from a stranger, just make your message more creative.

How to date Indian women if you are not Indian?

If you are from Western countries and search for dating Indian women, the situation can differ: in past years a great number of Indian girls got married to not Indian men.

The main advantage is that western people show broad views and are more open in communication. At the same time, Indian men are more conservative about gender roles in society and expect the same from their women.

We hope our post will help you prepare for dating Indian women and you will use our tips in your communication.

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