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“What do you like to do for fun?” is the most simple question that you can hear on your first date. It is obvious if your partner thinks that you are an attractive person, he or she wants to know more about you and your way of life. But, it is also the most difficult question: how to answer and do it interestingly, so as not to alienate the partner?

How to answer such kind of question?

If you spent your Sunday evening just surfing your social networks with pizza and ice-cream you can afraid to say the truth. “It is boring! My life is so routine! People expect something interesting!”: these are examples of your thoughts.

It can be, that your partner appreciates your honest answer and his or her Sunday evenings look like the same. They don’t want to hide the truth about their leisure time and dreaming to describe their rowing or rock-climbing lessons, hours of meditation, or making compositions of essential oils.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is to say “Nothing unusual” or “As most of the people I like to go to the brunch with friends or to the movies”. It’s a wrong answer and can’t give you a new theme for conversation. You need to find a connection with your date, so let your couple the ability to discuss something.    

We prepared several ideas about how you can answer the question “what do you like to do for fun” and get interesting results.

#1. Choose diffused answers

If you like surfing, tubing or boating say that you adore being out on the water, hear the sound of ways, etc. Such a big picture allows your partner to say “me too” and start a discussion. Now you can tell him or her more about your hobby and ask what they like, what you can do together. Remember, your goal is not to impress your date with extraordinary time spending but to find something common. If you want to brag your success in a triathlon just add that you like long jogging in the park on Saturday morning and it would be great to do it together.

#2. Share with your emotions

Describe what you like to do some actions: you want to feel the sunlight or sea breeze on your skin, relax on the waves and forget all your troubles.

Don’t say simply “I often go to the gym”, describe that you are proud by yourself when you see great results, do more sets or lift more weight, you believe in yourself, feel strong and healthy. Or rock sounds in the gym motivate you and give a boost of energy for the whole day.

You like to cook, bake, or grill? Tell, how you choose spices or ingredients for your dishes, taste new recipes, and share with them with your friends. 

Even your partner has another hobby, he or she can tell what action gives them such emotions. 

#3. Tell the story

If you like to collect vintage stuff, describe, how you visited flea markets in every new country with your parents in your childhood, or about the fascinating interior in your grandparents’ house that inspired you.

If you are worried that your date will think that he or she couldn’t share your too expensive or complicated hobby, for example, diving? Tell them what you do at the beginning:  lessons in local classes, long training in the pool, and Groupon discount for the diving shop.

Share with your failures, remember how you broke your leg, and spend a lot of money on not suitable equipment when trying to learn to ski. Your story should express your enthusiasm and emotions.

#4. Don’t forget about simple pleasures

Don’t just focus on sports and hobbies. Simple pleasures make our routine life better and all people like them. Share with stories about how you watching old ‘50-60th movies or taste coffee in all coffee shops around your home.

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you think it’s the perfect leisure time to swing in a hammock with your favorite book or just take a nap.

#5. Tell them about your plans

You can turn your conversation into your common future plans. Say that you wanted to explore new farmers’ markets and find something new for your dishes for a long time. You like cycling trips and dreaming about a big adventure. You a fan of some kind of sports and want to visit significant places. It can be a great listing.  

Don’t be afraid of the question about “What do you like to do for fun? and use it as an opportunity to make an impression and find something common with your partner. We hope our tips will give you great results!

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