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We are 99% sure that a couple of cool girls flirted with you and you didn’t even notice. And probably missed your chance.

It’s okay. You are not alone. It’s a psychological fact that men are bad at getting hints. And flirting is something very close. It is a set of verbal and non-verbal actions that we take to express interest in another person. If verbal signs are pretty easy to get, non-verbal signs are a stumbling block for most men.

So, today we will figure out when a girl is interested in you so that you will never skip a chance to date a wonderful person.

What science says about flirting

Research shows that women take the initiative 90% of the time. They send the chosen one subtle signals, which are expressed in looks, facial expressions, movements. A man wise enough to catch them comes up to introduce himself. A not wise enough, well, you know, gets nothing.

On the other hand, most men are not well versed in flirting and take women’s non-verbal signals literally. Since they have 10 to 20 times more testosterone in their bodies, they may mistake a friendly smile for sexual interest. Or vice versa, others can’t even catch a sign of flirting.

11 Obvious Flirting Signs That You Didn’t Notice

1. Eye contact

A woman notices a handsome man, looks at him furtively, catches your eye, and after a few seconds looks away. You are intrigued and start watching her. The maneuver is repeated 3 times on average, and then there is no doubt – she is interested.

2. Head tossing

Sounds very dynamic. In fact, this is a slight movement of the head, the purpose of which is to turn the face towards an object of interest. That is, when a man appears, a woman is distracted from her business, raises her face, and turns it towards the man.

Of course, it doesn’t mean she’s in love. It means she shows “some sort of interest.”

3. Smile

A short, almost imperceptible half-smile is on her face. Women know they look charming when they smile. And they know how to use it.

4. Laugh

Laughter, like smiling, artificially makes us more attractive. For a man, the main thing is to laugh louder, and for a woman, more sonorously.

5. Hair fixing

Women straighten their hair, remove it from the face, open the area of the eyes, nose, cheeks. The trick is that often women make this gesture without even looking at the man. And most importantly, the face is slightly opened from the side of the man who they are interested in. This is done both to better see him and for him to see her face better.

6. Playing with hair

The longer the hair, the greater the flight of imagination they open up. Women let them down and then braid them again. They throw hair from one shoulder to the other. They twist the curls around a finger. They stroke themselves on the head, slowly and smoothly running through their hair. The entire list of this murderous arsenal may take more than one paragraph.

7. Posture

The task of the female body at this stage is to attract attention. A man is able to appreciate female beauty not only during a fashion show but also in a more static position. Moreover, women do not always have the opportunity to stand up and walk in front of potential partners. Women correct their posture, arch their backs, demonstrate the height of the bust and the length of the neck. And they often become in such a way that they cross their legs at the ankles, which further emphasizes the narrowness of the waist and the width of the hips.

8. Touches

A woman is looking for an excuse to touch you as if by chance. Then she touches you again to see how you react.

9. Shortening the distance

A woman willingly accepts a man’s intrusion into her personal space or takes the initiative and invades herself. If you, dear men, have found that your face is less than 30 centimeters from her face for more than one and a half seconds and you have not yet been removed and have not fenced off in any way, then this is a good sign.

10. Gestures

Women begin to copy your posture, your gestures, your facial expressions. And gestures also acquire a slow, viscous smoothness. The pace of gesticulation either corresponds to yours, or its movements become smooth, slow, and bewitching with its plasticity.

11. Lips and tongue

To show the delights of her slopes, a woman needs the next level of demonstration. And this is where the tongue and lips come into play. Women slowly open their mouths – and for a short time, the tongue enters the field of view. The worst case is when women begin to slowly lick their lips. A more killing sexual signal is hard to imagine.

In order to damage the male psyche, girls just lick the edge of a glass of champagne sometimes. But that’s another story.

That is why girls with pumped lips have become so fashionable.

We hope the articlle was useful. Thank you for reading!

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