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It looks like you look like Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet. That’s cute. But a bit inconvenient. Let’s do something with the issue today.

We found a couple of great couples (it’s definitely a tautology day) with a one foot+ height difference and asked them to share their thoughts about it and some tips on coping with it. Read till the end. 

By the Way!

“Short women paired with tall men are most likely to create a happy marriage.” 

That’s right – women are actually happier with taller husbands.

  • Tall men make girls feel feminine and protected.
  • Tall men are smarter.
  • Tall men have higher social status.
  • Tall men have higher incomes. 

So, couples with size differences are the best. That’s the scientific fact. So, your girl is lucky! 

Emir and Carine

A couple is atnding at the metro and holding hands
Photo by Jonathan Borba

E: First of all, it’s freaking harmful for your spine and neck. We can’t kiss for more than 15 seconds if we stand.

C: Kissing him sometimes is a real danger. Once I stood up on my toes and lost balance. I fell on him and then we together fell on the ground as we were standing right near the stairs. It’s a miracle we survived (laughing.)



E: Train your back muscles. Start practicing yoga if you don’t want to suffer unbearable pain. Just Joking. The best you can do is to sit or lie when kissing. Another way is to do that sexy pose when you spread your legs and press lower against the wall with your girl standing between your legs. Then both of you will be more or less on an equal footing.

C: Sometimes he lifts me and I place my legs around his waist. Then it’s much more comfortable to kiss. 

Dean and Martha

A couple is holding hands and laughing
Photo by Hanna Morris

D: Short hugs are always awkward to my mind. I have to lean down and fold in half.  

M: And when we walk holding hands, it looks like my dad took me out for a walk. 

D: Well, that’s not critical. 

M: Here is another issue: D thinks it’s funny to mock at my height sometimes. He thinks that if he’s 6’3, it gives him the right to tease other people who weren’t “gifted as he was”. 

D: ha-ha that’s my guilty pleasure. 



D: Just get on with it. You can’t stop hugging or holding hands with your girlfriend just because it’s a bit uncomfortable. 

M: What you can do is not to mock your GF’s height

D: And don’t underestimate your short girlfriend. She still may be strong as hell

M: That’s right!

David and Erika 

A sweet couple hugging
Photo by Annika Palmari

D: Kissing was complicated at first. And not all sex poses are available for us. But we learned how to cope with it. 

E: Yep, that was a bit frustrating the first time. 

My neck is also in pain when I try to to kill with a mere glance or adore him for more than a couple of sec. But there are many pluses in having a big boy: I can wear heels and lean on his arm when I get tired of it. And I always feel like he’s my bodyguard – always safe. 

D: Glad you said that. Oh, and sometimes I don’t hear what she says… But that’s not a problem for me (laughing).



D: If the situation allows, place your partner on your lap and kiss each other while sitting

And when your babe arches her neck during a long kiss, hold the back of her head with your hand. Or use the wall. Her head can lean on it and her neck will rest. Then she won’t stop kissing you every couple of seconds.

Forget about the 69 pose and any standing pose. Yes, such a “long-distance relationship” is a whole science. 

E: If your girl is wearing heels to be closer to you, don’t go for a walk in a park, choose dinner in a restaurant, please.

D: Jesus, yes, that was one of my mistakes when we started dating. But thankfully, she didn’t dump me that day.  


Possible problems and what you can do about it:

  • Kissing, hugging, sex have their peculiarities. But you both can adjust to pretty much everything. Use walls, do it when you sit or lie, lift her. 
  • Sometimes you may have an urge to mock your GF’s height. Be careful with that, it may offend her even if you do that lovingly. 
  • If your girl wears heels for you, don’t make her walk more than 50 meters. 
  • Don’t think your short girl is weak. But take care of her anyway. Hold her neck, grab boxes from top shelves for her, etc. 

If you are a couple with a huge height difference and know some other tips, your comments are highly welcomed! 

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