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If during blissful sex hours, you can prescind for even a minute and wonder how to strengthen the orgasm, you urgently need our advice.

Sex should be approached levelheadedly. The following tips will help you achieve a more powerful and lasting orgasm. 

We want to remind you that we’ve already provided you with 12 sex ideas to try with your partner if you want a strong orgasm. Refresh your memory!

Do not be humble during foreplay

A large and lengthy study by Dutch scientists proved that the ‘love drug’ oxytocin helps make the orgasm ‘dramatic.’ You don’t need to do anything complicated: do not be mean about honey and hug.

Postpone orgasm

You are already at the finish line and thought that here it is, the moment of truth? Do not rush, it’s time to remember all the most anti-sexual paintings that you have seen in your life and reduce your ardor. Do not overdo it – you still have to finish the job, but a delayed orgasm will be much stronger.

Engage in physical activity

We are talking not about sex. Lifehack is that physical activity helps girls increase testosterone production, and this works to the benefit of your libido. Workouts not only increase sexual appetite but also improve blood circulation (including in intimate areas). Another reason to dust off the fitness club membership!

Turn up the heat

Before making love, take a hot bath. If time is running out, just hold a warm towel between your legs: the warmer there, the greater the lubrication and the higher the sensitivity.

Control your breathing

You need to breathe slowly and deeply. This will allow you to achieve greater awareness during orgasm, which means to make it stronger. Please note that for complete control, training is required, it may not work out right away. By the way, tantric practices that promise “emancipation and release of sexual energy” can help a lot.

Drink a sex tonic

Everything was invented before us: take a glass of warm milk and add a pinch of saffron. For thousands of years, this combination has been considered a powerful aphrodisiac: saffron, the taste of which is revealed in a warm drink, will lead you directly to the best orgasm in your life.

Change the batteries in the vibrator

Seriously, if you don’t have a vibrator or any other sex toy, you should consider buying. Another hot study proved that women who use vibrators or other props have an orgasm during sex with a partner more often and faster.

Keep track of your periods

In the last two days of your periods, testosterone in your body breaks all records, libido becomes uncontrollable, and your chest and clitoris become extra-sensitive. Do you understand what crime it will be to miss such a good moment? By the way, the best time for men is early morning, when their testosterone levels run high. 

Read more about sex during periods.

Learn anatomy

Incredible, but true: many women do not know how the clitoris works. Those who did not know earlier that the external clitoris is only the tip of the iceberg urgently need to fill this gap. It is better to do that together with a partner: he will have to use this lifehack. 

So, the internal dimensions of the clitoris are much larger than the external ones, and it has the shape of an arch, so tell your man that during sex, he should stimulate your entire intimate area, and not look for one magic point.

Train your pelvic muscles

Kegel exercises aimed at strengthening the pelvic muscles. It can strengthen orgasm and solve a number of other problems: from urinary incontinence to rapid ejaculation.




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