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On the hunt for Buffalo date ideas? Dates should help both partners learn each other better, let them share passions and talents. Whether you like more relaxing dates with some good movies and food or less trivial things that can wake up your adventurous spirit, we have 5 good places in mind.

Choose what you like, book tickets, and have a great date night!

1. Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Shea's Performing Arts Center
Image source: sheas.org

If you want to have a fantastic date night in Buffalo, go to Shea’s Performing Arts Center. The building itself is an incredible place with spectacular architecture, festive interior decor, and great sound. The theatre features diverse styles of performing arts for all ages, from touring Broadway to International collaborations and local rentals. Choose the event you like and have an amazing date in an exquisite atmosphere of art and beauty. 

Good for: Couples, music and theatre lovers

Address: 646 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202-1906

Working hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: +1 716-847-1410

Website: www.sheas.org 

2. Escape room

Buffalo escape room
Image source: facebook.com. Answer: A deck of cards.

Buffalo date night ideas for adventurers should definitely include an escape room. You will solve the challenging puzzles and find clues together with your honey to escape the room. For couples, an escape room is also a sure way to have a lot of fun and spend a very different date night. 

Is this your first date? Yes, a first date in the escape room may sound uncommon. But… it makes sense. Solving riddles together is the best way to naturally support a conversation when you are out of topics. You will keep your brain working even if you are stunned by her beauty. And you can get to know each other very well within an hour because you will have to work as a team and solve puzzles together. 

Good for: Couples, adventurers

Address: 2171 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14223

Phone: (716) 622-7777

Website: trappedgames.com

3. Pausa Art House

Pausa Art House in Buffalo
Image source: facebook.com

Spend a date night in Buffalo with good and soul-soothing jazz. PAUSA Art House is a perfect place to enjoy premier jazz in a warm and intimate setting at very affordable prices. Reserve a table in advance as it can be crowded. While waiting for the artists to start, you can treat yourselves to light appetizers and drinks. They have a good choice of beer, wine, and soft drinks. If you don’t drink alcohol, the selection of hot tea is also nice. Enjoy the live music together with your soul mate. 

Good for: Couples, music lovers

Address: 19 Wadsworth St, Buffalo, NY 14201 

Working hours: Thu – Sat 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Phone: (716) 697-9075

Website: pausaarthouse.com

4. Dipson Amherst Theatre

Dipson Amherst Theatre
Image source: amherst.dipsontheatres.com  

If a date night in Buffalo needs a good movie, watch one in the Dipson Amherst Theatre. Here, you can see not only popular movies, but also independent, art-house, and limited-release movies. What makes Dipson really worth visiting is the atmosphere. It is charming and relaxing, it takes you to an old-time movie house with good sound, intimate halls, recliner chairs, and popcorn made with real butter. The lobby features painted murals and old photographs of the classic Hollywood stars. Take a look before the start. 

Good for: Couples, music lovers

Address: 3500 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14226 

Working hours: Mon-Sun 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Phone: (716) 834-7655

Website: amherst.dipsontheatres.com  

5. The Screening Room

Screening Room in Buffalo
Image source: facebook.com

As an alternative to a movie house, ask your soulmate out on a date to the Screening Room. This event space combines a cinema and a cafe. You can watch independent, art, and classic movies or attend other events, such as poetry, trivia, comedy, or music nights. The screening room is not a common cinema, you can sit in regular chairs at tables, on living room chairs, or in movie theater type chairs and enjoy ice cream, wine, and beer if you like.

The Screening Room has something for everyone. So, a visit to a cinema-cafe will make date night in Buffalo wonderful. 

Good for: Couples, event lovers

Address: 880 Alberta Dr, Ste 207, Amherst, NY 14226

Phone: (716) 837-0376

Website: www.screeningroom.net 


We hope that our Buffalo date night ideas inspired you to try something new and plan a perfect date for your sweetheart.

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