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No matter how long you are in a romantic relationship, several years, months, or days, it’s crucial to surprise your beloved one and ask for a date in a special place. 

Fun San Diego date ideas give the possibility for new partners not only to have a good time but also to learn more about interests, preferences, tastes of each other. People in long-term romantic connections can share a new experience, become more closer, and refresh their emotions. 

So, it’s time to open romantic places in your city and find the perfect background for your love. We prepared a list with the top-notch things for couples to do in San Diego, check the post below and try them all or choose the best one.

1. Enjoy wild nature at the Coast Boulevard Park 

Image source: www.facebook.com/castateparksSD

Coast Boulevard Park is an amazing place where your special person and you can feel a part of nature, see all its beauty, and enjoy the stunning view of the ocean. 

During your walk on the beach, you can see sea birds, seals, sea lions, and funny seal pups. Covered in moss rocks, surrounded by the clear water of the ocean, the park looks fantastic and helps you refresh and relax. 

You can have a romantic picnic before or after your stroll: there are a lot of nice areas with green grass and trees. Along the trail, some branches ask you to sit, take a rest, and look at the gorgeous sunrise: it’s the most romantic background for a date. 

Good for: Couples, Strolling, Nature lovers

Address: Coast Blvd, La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92037

Working hours: Daily

Phone: Not specified

Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=126778534034801 

2. Try all kinds of entertainments at Balboa Park

Image source: www.nationalgeographic.com/

Balboa Park is an excellent location with a rich history, where you can find a lot of interesting cultural and natural objects: plenty of thematic gardens, museums, art centers, street exhibitions, attractions, stores, eateries, even the San Diego Zoo. 

It’s impossible to see what hides in Balboa Park per date, so you can spend several dates here and open all its gems step by step. 

Also, you can take a guided private or free tour at the Visitors Center to learn interesting facts about this beautiful place while walking in the park. And, there’s always a variant with a romantic picnic, so grab your favorite person, a nice blanket, and a huge basket of treats.  

Good for: Couples, Strolling, Nature lovers

Address: 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101-1660

Working hours: Daily. Visitors Center: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Phone: +1 619-239-0512

Website: https://www.balboapark.org/ 

3. Admire the tropic beauty at Botanical Building and Lily Pond 

Image source: www.escapingabroad.com/

Botanical Building and Lily Pond is the scenic location where you can relax and dive into the kingdom of tropic greenery. 

Gorgeous orchids, ferns, palms, cycads are just a small part of more than 2,100 plants that grow in the Botanical Building, one of the largest lath structures in the world. Thanks to seasonal exhibitions, you can see here various plants in bloom all year round.

A scratch-and-sniff garden gives your date and you a new experience and allows you to enjoy the charming flavor. It’s a true gift for all nature lovers. 

The Lily Pond is home to lilies and koi. It’s surrounded by beautiful flowers. It seems unreal to resist the temptation to sit along the pond, taking a rest and getting some food as other people do. 

Good for: Couples, Photos, Nature lovers

Address: 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101-1660

Working hours: Fri – Wed 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Phone: +1 619-239-0512

Website: https://www.balboapark.org/gardens/botanical-building 

4. Refresh your mind at the Japanese Friendship Garden

Image source: www.sandiegouniontribune.com/

If you are searching for romantic places in San Diego, you should take your companion to the Japanese Friendship Garden. Blooming trees, koi ponds, cascading streams seem fantastic and create a peaceful atmosphere. The area is shared on several thematic locations where you will find something special.   

Here you can meditate at the stone garden, enjoy the bonsai garden, yoga class, or sake talk. A good solution would be to visit a special exhibit in the Pavillion, take a guided or audio tour through the location.

You can taste noodles and Japanese tea at the cozy outdoor cafe after the walk. In a small gift shop, you will see and buy pretty handmade souvenirs to remember your excellent date.

Good for: Couples, Photos, Nature lovers

Address: 2215 Pan American Rd E, San Diego, CA 92101-1656 

Working hours: SUn-Sat 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Phone: +1 619-232-2721

Website: https://www.niwa.org/ 

5. Have fun at the San Diego Zoo 

Image source: https://visitoceanside.org/

Visiting a zoo is a great experience that turns people into kids and gives the possibility to see flora and fauna of all parts of the world.

So, it’s a good solution if you are looking for fun things for couples to do in San Diego. A zoo has a lot to offer you, so wear your walking shoes, hat, sunglasses, and convenient clothes – you’ll walk a lot.

If you want to get some knowledge, there is a short must-do list:

  • Skyfari, the aerial tram with stunning views of the zoo and the park.
  • Discovery cart tour with a guide through the zoo.
  • Inside look at various animals and birds. You can choose flamingos, giraffes, polar bears, baboons, or take a surprise tour.

Good for: Couples, Families, Nature lovers

Address: 2929 Zoo Drive Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101 

Working hours: Sun-Sat 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: +1 619-231-1515

Website: https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/  

6. Feel under the sea at Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Image source: www.facebook.com/BirchAquar

If you are looking for an extraordinary place for a date in San Diego, you can choose the aquarium. Blue lightning, tanks with fish, and corals create a mysterious vibe. The picnic area gives a spectacular view of the ocean – it’s a perfect combination.

You will find a lot of experiences here: despite the exhibits with sharks, seahorses, seadragons, Giant Kelp Forest, etc., you can see their feeding, and take the expedition at sea to find more about the ocean at R/V Sally Ride Gallery. 

The date here is about knowledge: if there is not enough information for you on the stands, you also can listen to a lecture with the latest news from Scripps Oceanographers (check their event calendar to plan your visit).  

Good for: Couples, Families, Nature lovers

Address: 2300 Expedition Way Scripps Institute, La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92037

Working hours: Sun-Sat 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: +1 858-534-3474

Website: https://aquarium.ucsd.edu/ 

7. Get inspiration at the San Diego Museum of Art

Image source: www.minube.co.uk/

The ornate building of the Museum of Art is its best advertising and reason to see what hides inside of it. So, this spot can be your next impressive date idea in San Diego.

In a huge hall of the museum, you will find a gorgeous stair, decorated with ornament: a lovely place for a photo. 

The museum offers superb exhibits and meets visitors with the European art of XIV-XVIII centuries, Renaissance, American, Indian, Modern, and Contemporary artifacts. At the courtyard, you can enjoy the sculptures in frames of the exhibition “Art of open-air”. You can get a free docent-led tour that helps you to understand the meaning of the art objects.

After a couple of hours of excursions, continue your date at the Panama 66 restaurant with stunning views, live music, delicious food, and craft drinks.

Good for: Couples, Groups, Art lovers

Address: 1450 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101-1618

Working hours: Sun 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Mon – Tue 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Thu 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Fri 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Sat 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: +1 619-232-7931

Website: https://www.sdmart.org/ 

8. Visit the San Diego Air & Space Museum

Image source: www.facebook.com/SDASM/

If the skyline beckons you, spend your date at San Diego Air & Space Museum. You can find here a great number of flight machines: from hot-air balloons to space shuttles and see all history of air and space technology. The Apollo 9 command module and gallery of space pioneers are the gems of the museum collection.

Despite the rare exhibits, there are interactive objects and educational sections for all ages. For example, both of you can dock with the space station or land a shuttle. 

Pay attention that there is no cafe where you can take a rest and have some food or coffee after the excursion. So, you should find another place to continue your date.

Good for: Couples, Groups 

Address: 2001 Pan American Plaza Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101-1636

Working hours: Sun-Sat 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: +1 619-234-8291

Website: https://sandiegoairandspace.org/ 

9. Take a trip to Little Italy 

Image source: www.sandiegouniontribune.com/

It’s an amazing district in San Diego that can add bright colors to your date. A great number of eateries with Italian food and outdoor tables, beautiful parks with fountains and local markets with fresh fruits and more are waiting for you here. 

At Little Italy, you can choose what you want to eat more: hot pizza, craft pasta, dishes of high Italian cuisine, authentic desserts, delicious coffee or take a gelato and walk through this beautiful area.

It’s easy to spend all day here, enjoying each other, your conversation, stunning views, great food, and fun, relaxing ambiance. So, wear your comfortable pair of shoes and prepare for a long lazy stroll with your beloved person.

Good for: Couples, Families, Friends 

Address: 1668 Columbia St From Laurel south to West A Street, San Diego, CA 92101-2502

Working hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: +1 619-233-3898

Website: https://sandiegoairandspace.org/ 

10.  Relax at Cinema Under the Stars

Image source: https://topspresents.com/

This place puts simple watching movies to a high level, so it should be in your list of top romantic things to do in San Diego. 

They offer to its visitors convenient zero gravity seats (for two or single) with soft pillows, blankets, cheap snacks, and show old classic films: it sounds cozy and very romantic, isn’t it? The charming vibe of this place will impress your partner and makes watching movies here your good tradition.

No matter, if the weather seems cold, they turn heat lamps so you would feel indoors. And one more benefit: there is a limited number of chairs, and as a result, there is no crowd. 

Good for: Couples, Families, 

Address: 4040 Goldfinch St, San Diego, CA 92101

Working hours: Fri – Sat 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Phone: +1 619-295-4221

Website: topspresents.com 


If you don’t have a romantic partner to see all these wonderful places together, sign up for Tune2Love to meet amazing San Diego singles. Maybe, some of them will be your future spouse! 

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