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We have recently been asked the curious question, “When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too?” The question of mutuality is very sensitive. Sometimes, people we like don’t like us – sounds harsh, but that’s what we may face.

We decided to look into how to spot mutual attraction. So, familiarize yourself with the 20+ signs of your crush likes you too.

When you feel a connection with someone, do they feel it too?

So, if you feel a connection with someone, do they feel it too? You can discover that by analyzing your crush’s behavior. These are the 21 things you should pay attention to.

They say it

Are we kidding? Not at all. We understand. What could be more obvious than that ?! A person who tells you, “I like you, I love you.” is probably not lying.

But what is important here is the hidden meaning of these words. Either they want you to be together, or they just want “something short-termed”.

Try to capture the tone of their voice when they say this, and try to determine what type of “I like you” they are using. Just look closely.

They ask a lot of questions

They are obviously trying to keep a conversation with you going. They try to get to know and understand you. So they keep asking and asking… Many questions may be not entirely clear or illogical, but they try to avoid awkward pauses.

They may simply ask some questions out of politeness, but as soon as you notice that they are asking not only out of necessity, it means that they are interested in you.

But you should not think that somebody is in love with you if they asked you, “How are you?”. Use common sense.

And remember, when they genuinely ask questions, try to get to know you more, dig deeper and deeper, this is a really good sign.

They find common interests with you

One of the reasons a person asks a lot of questions is that they want some information about you that they can use to get closer to you.

They tell you how they love the same music, movies, or something else just like you, they (perhaps subconsciously) are trying to prove that you are a good match and have common interests.

If you have a lot of “and I like that too” in your conversation, this is a good sign that you can be compatible.

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They lean over

When you talk, they lean towards you even if they hear you perfectly.

You may be in a bar or club with loud music, so they have to do that to hear you. But still, if a person makes an effort to hear you and be closer, this is a great sign.

Look at the amount of effort they put into talking to you. This is the easiest way to get to know their attitude. Pay attention to their body movements and gestures.

They come up to you

Another obvious thing. Yes, but there are some “buts”. If they “accidentally bumped” into you, they probably like you.

This way, a person who walks up to you in a coffee shop or bookstore, etc. obviously finds you cute.

When they start a conversation, you can ask yourself why they haven’t approached someone else. If they deliberately chose you, it definitely means something.

Their behavior changes when you’re around

Watch them when they are with friends or with other people. How does this person behave? Does their behavior change when you are around or are they 100% the same as they were?

Things to watch out for:

  • Their voices may become quieter or louder.
  • They may be nervous or shy.
  • They may try to look superb with you to impress you.

This usually happens with younger, less experienced guys.

They completely ignore you

Some people use the “I don’t give a damn” strategy. So they try to be different, that is their way of thinking.

But they will talk to you alone when there is no one around. They probably like you a lot but lack the courage to approach you when friends surround you.

They need you to give them a sign that you are open to talking to him.

A tip: People do not read minds. Make it clear that you don’t mind getting to know this person closer.

Anyway, often when you are ignored, it is because a person is either not interested in you, or they are extremely interested. Yeah, crazy.

Their body language speaks volumes

You can figure out their feelings by their body language. Do they straighten back or push chest out in an attempt to look more masculine if this is a guy? Or try to look more graceful if this is a girl? Some people try to hide their interest; others, on the contrary, openly manifest it.

It all depends on a person’s self-confidence. The problem is that most people want to save face and don’t want to take risks. Especially in situations that can have social consequences – at work or school, or if you are a family friend, etc.

They ask for your number

This is another obvious sign of sympathy. Sometimes!

Use logic. If they find a relatively stupid excuse to get your number, they may want a way to stay in touch with you and ask you out on a date in the future. When a person takes your number, and there is a really good reason for this, such as to discuss business, there is nothing personal.

They find you on social networks

This is just one of the clues, which, of course, may not mean anything. But if a person sends you messages, likes photos, it may mean something. Look for more evidence; dig further.

They try to kiss you

There is nothing to explain, everything is clear. The only question is, does he want a serious relationship with you or just a one-night stand?!

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Lots of eye contact

Of course, if they don’t examine your body, they might look at your face. They will look into your eyes when you speak, and they will hold this gaze a little more than other people, but in a way that does not arouse suspicion.

They smile or laugh a lot

Just a smile does not mean sympathy. But, when no one really said anything funny, then this can be a signal. And if a person looks at you when laughing at a joke, that means they like you.

They mention your partners

Whether you have one or no, they would ask whether you have somebody or somehow mention them. If a person has no feelings, they don’t care if you are alone or not. This is an easy way to know if you are free or not.

They get nervous when you’re around

When someone is nervous, you can catch it. Look for signs of nervousness in them when they are near you: when the conversation stops, there is awkwardness, there is tension between you two, and they seem to be thinking, “what should I say next?” If so, these are all good signs.

A guy will try to be alpha

As for guys specifically, shy guys will get nervous around you. But more self-confident guys can try to show their masculinity. Or show their superiority – money, knowledge, or something else.

Look for some weirdness. He will be either shy or an expressive extrovert who tries to show all of his best features.

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They remember your name

Let’s say you met a person once, in the company of your mutual acquaintances.

And when you met again, it appears that this person remembered your name. So at that moment, you were significant to him.

It is also possible that they have a good memory. Most people don’t remember new names.

They initiate a dialogue

You’re at a party with a bunch of people. A person accidentally starts talking to you, asks a question, or smiles.

This does not mean that they like you; maybe they’re just polite. But, on the other hand, do they do the same with other people around?

Always pay attention to how a person treats others around, is their attitude different? Yes? Then this person definitely likes you.

They joke and tease (usually it’s about men)

He constantly mocks you and finds something to “hurt” you? If he jokes with you, trying to make you laugh, or you hear the sarcasm in his words, this is a signal for you.

A guy almost never teases a girl he is not interested in. This can be one of the types of flirting (not exactly a good option, but we girls don’t judge). In any case, this is a sign of interest.

They stay a little longer

When you run into a person on the streets, at work, at school, at a party, in a club, on a bus, wherever you are, you start talking to them, and then… There is a moment when a person is going to leave and then… there is this one tiny little second. They stay a little longer as if they want to stay.

It’s just one extra second. If you feel that you are interesting to them and feel the same, do not be shy, do not let this person go, and give them a hint. Make it clear that it’s okay if they ask for your number. This is extremely important.

They don’t use their phones in front of you

Another sign of interest. They will look for an opportunity to talk to you and cherish the time they can spend with you.

What’s the conclusion?

Can you feel mutual attraction? Yes. If you notice at least a couple of signs mentioned above, probably, your crush has a crush on you.

We hope this article will help you start a beautiful relationship with a person you like cause you deserve that!

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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