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Alas, we’ve gathered arguments against more. But let’s consider both perspectives.

In what situations can you stay friends?

Partners have no feelings for each other

To be friends when you go weak at the knees when thinking about your ex is impossible. However, if the heart does not beat faster each time you hear his or her name, it can work out. Your friendship has a chance.

It can be a long and complicated process, but everything is real. It is important that everyone understands that there really are no more feelings. A psychologist or time can help here.

Partners have to interact in everyday life

It is necessary to think about how to interact with a partner so that everyone feels comfortable. And this applies not only to ex-lovers but also to people around them, because of which they can not stop communication — colleagues, common friends.

In any case, we are talking more about how to maintain normal, neutral, calm relations after the breakup, but not friendly at all.

Friendship is trust and mutual support. If no one is ready for this, but you will have to continue communication for any reason, you should at least try to prevent it from slipping into endless quarrels and stinging statements about each other.

Partners were originally more friends than lovers

If you as a couple did not initially have passion and romance, the future together was discussed superficially, or this issue was not raised at all, but there was always respect and mutual understanding, you can try friendship out.

When to stop communicating?

The partners have and had nothing in common

It happens that after the breakup, neither the man nor the woman understands how they generally managed to live together for several years — they are strangers to each other. 

This option is possible if people are not connected by anything: neither children, nor business, nor common concerns.

When, in addition to the absence of common interests, goals or plans, there are no common matters requiring the attention of each of the parties, friendship or maintaining any relationship does not make sense.

One of the partners perceives friendship as an opportunity to return a relationship

One is sure that everything is OK: he/she can share intimate details of a new life, talk about new life. The other, gritting his teeth, pretends to be glad to listen to all this, but actually hopes that everything will be back to square one. He/she lives on illusions and waits for imaginary friendship to develop into a relationship. And this is a traumatic experience that will bring nothing but discomfort to one and pain and disappointment to another.

One partner has a devastating effect on the other

It is worth leaving the toxic relationship once and for all. They are unlikely to lead to anything good. And do not expect that something will change after parting in the behavior of a toxic person. 

Not all communications are worth keeping. For example, if a person is a psychopath and wants to harm you, it would be better to stop any interaction with him.

Partners were not friends, even when they were together

If your couple rested on passion and other fading over time emotions, and there was no friendly connotation, where did it come from after breaking up? 

You had a good time together, but you always turned to other people for support or advice, did not share your feelings with your ex-lover and did not trust him/her. Most likely, after the breakup, your ex will be the last one you want to come to if you need friendship.

Now you know it. Think about it, analyze your current situation and do what is right for you. 


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