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We love receiving compliments. And we love complimenting no less! Seeing smiling, happy faces of people we love is something that we want to repeat day after day.

That’s why we decided to compile this list of 100 kind words to say. There are compliment words for your girlfriend, boyfriend, friends and close people. Save it to your notes!

100 nice things to say about someone

  1. You know how to surprise me.
  2. What a stunning body shape! You are easily mistaken for a fitness trainer or an athlete.
  3. Sorry, I looked at you and lost my train of thought. Could you say it one more time?
  4. If being beautiful is considered a crime, then you will be found guilty.
  5. I see so much warmth in your eyes.
  6. Don’t stop smiling, your smile is charming!
  7. I like your style.
  8. This dress fits you perfectly. I even envy it.
  9. You smell delicious.
  10. Your laughter is so enchanting!
  11. I appreciate you came into my life.
  12. You are a great listener.
  13. You are kind to all people around you. We don’t deserve you!
  14. You always have the best ideas.
  15. You’re incredible when you’re not afraid to be yourself!
  16. You are a very talented and creative girl/boy.
  17. Your voice is so melodious.
  18. You have impeccable manners of a real gentleman, did you know that?
  19. You are an excellent master of the art of being in the right place at the right time!
  20. How do you manage to find a way out of such desperate situations?!
  21. I would like to meet you when you were a child.
  22. You deserve a hug right now!
  23. I really like all of your quirks.
  24. You are a great example for others.
  25. You can always find the right words.
  26. With you, I can talk about everything.
  27. I am grateful that you are always by my side.
  28. You understand me as well as if you read my mind.
  29. Just spending time with such a smart, intelligent man/woman already brings unforgettable moments of joy.
  30. You are a great conversationalist. When I talk to you, I don’t even notice how time flies.
  31. Your actions speak more than words.
  32. I am amazed at your openness and sincerity.
  33. Next to you, I can be myself.
  34. I am completely disarmed by your wit.
  35. You are attracting me like a magnet.
  36. Now I look at you and understand that a person can have a beautiful soul, body and thoughts.
  37. You give me inspiration in life that I haven’t had before. It’s a blessing that I met you, my muse!
  38. It is very important for me to hear your opinion.
  39. You are an amazing friend!
  40. You are unique! It is impossible not to fall in love with you.
  41. You are my antidepressant.
  42. Whenever I’m sad, the thought of you immediately lifts my spirits.
  43. You understand me better than anyone else in the world.
  44. I get goosebumps when I hear your beautiful voice.
  45. You give me self-confidence and always support me. You are my hope and my biggest love.
  46. I trust your intuition.
  47. You have tremendous creativity! You can create a masterpiece in every area of ​​life!
  48. It’s amazing that you always strive for self-development.
  49. Your creativity seems limitless.
  50. You really know who you are and what you want. That’s rare.
  51. You admit your mistakes and try to fix them. And that’s what deserves being praised.
  52. You are always learning new things and trying to develop – it’s amazing.
  53. Do you read a lot? Any recommendation? For some reason, it seems to me that you will immediately guess the book that I would like.
  54. Your cooking skills are incredible. I would eat anything you cook, anything!
  55. If I went on a trip now, I would take only you with me.
  56. You are kindness itself, and it is in every part of you!
  57. You are the reason for my happiness!
  58. I adore you for your decisiveness. I won’t be lost anywhere with you!
  59. You are a real man!
  60. You are my wings! I don’t fly without you.
  61. I love your confidence.
  62. It’s so easy to look into the future with you!
  63. Your hands beckon me like a magnet!
  64. You are very sexy without your T-shirt!
  65. Creativity is part of you, which is why we never get bored!
  66. You are my angel, so take care of both of us!
  67. I love you for your lightness. Always stay that way!
  68. I’m proud of you!
  69. You are my icon.
  70. Wow, this jacket / jeans / blazer! You look great!
  71. I love it when you smile!
  72. You are my hope and support!
  73. You are my long-awaited miracle!
  74. I wanted to have a kitten as a child, but my parents forbade me. But now I finally got the best kitten – you!
  75. You are my God!
  76. If you did not fall in love with me at first sight, I will have to pass by one more time!
  77. I want to be in your hands and lose something … mind, for example.
  78. When you kiss me, I lose my head!
  79. I found the best man of my life. And it turned out to be you!
  80. Do you know what electricity is? This is when you touch my neck with your fingertips.
  81. You are the only person in the world on whose shoulder I can sleep comfortably.
  82. I’m ready to listen to you non-stop. You always have a great story in store!
  83. I love it when you embrace me with your eyes.
  84. I just melt in your arms like ice-cream.
  85. You are so brave, courageous and, at the same time, caring. I love it.
  86. You are a cup of my favorite coffee, which I am so thirsty to drink!
  87. You read my mind better than a tough psychologist!
  88. I’m so lucky to have you. it’s great that I can always rely on you!
  89. I am so pleased to see how you care for me. This is very valuable for me!
  90. I love the way you communicate with your parents, it’s obvious that they raised a real man!
  91. You are insanely charming!
  92. Next to you, my life has acquired a new meaning!
  93. You are fantastically talented. I’m your fan!”
  94. Before I met you, I only read about alpha males in books, haha!
  95. How do you manage to be both daring and affectionate at the same time? It drives me crazy!
  96. You are the only one for me!
  97. I trust you in everything!
  98. I want to wake up next to you every morning!
  99. You know how to be so gentle!
  100. I love your touch!
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What kind things to say

Of course, “you look great” is the first thing that comes to mind when you try to figure out what positive things to say. But not all compliments are about appearance, there are others.

For example, you can praise a person’s personality: highlight a character trait, act, achievement, passion. “You play an interesting sport” or “your joke hit the office yesterday” and even “I sincerely admire the fact that you are a volunteer” You can praise almost anything that you think is worthy of a compliment.

What complimenting words you shouldn’t say

This is how you can make really clever compliments:

  • Don’t turn a compliment into a chance to discuss yourself with your beloved person. For example, “you did a great job at the conference: you behaved confidently and did not even look at the text. I would never have been able to, I would have stumbled right away. ” It is better to say only the first sentence and not to direct the conversation to yourself in the hope that the person will grant you reciprocal praises.
  • Do not put hidden meanings and hints in a compliment, especially if you are saying it to a stranger or a colleague.
  • Don’t generalize. Leave a compliment like “you look good for …” to yourself and do not say it out loud. Otherwise, it will turn out in “you are very well-read for a taxi driver” or “you dress stylishly for a girl from Orofino” – they seem to be praising, but also insulting, at the same time.
  • Do not say out-of-place compliments. Choose the right moment for a compliment. For example, you rate a colleague’s appearance after she gives a presentation. And by this, you belittle the value of everything she had just done.
  • Don’t flatter. Some people think that flattery and compliment are the same things, but it is not so. Flattery is something you say to gain somebody’s favor. The compliment should be sincere: you are just honestly admiring the person’s traits.

How and what kind words to say to someone

There are 3 tricks to make your compliments really touching:

  • Personalize the compliment. Do not say general phrases like “this sweater suits you”, say “this sweater perfectly brings out your eyes”.
  • Praise a person, not inanimate objects. For example, “You draw a wonderful painting” is better than the impersonal “this is a good painting”.
  • If you want to praise someone, try to understand what is important to him. For example, your girlfriend looks sad and says that she cannot dress so stylishly as others. You can say that you like the way she looks and you do not even notice others.

Bottom line

Say something nice to  people around you as often as you can. It will make your world brighter as they will smile at you. You make their day better and they make yours.

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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